We are virtually all together

Ganesha murti
September 18, 2020

Namaste everyone and welcome back to campus for the Fall semester. Whether you are on site or virtual we hope that you are staying healthy, safe, and doing as well as can be during these strenuous times. 

The Hindu Life Program and Hindu Students Organization began the year’s programming with a Ganesh puja. Malini Wimmer, HSO’s Spiritual Chair and her mother Anandi graciously hosted the puja in their family’s prayer space. The space is a feast for the eyes and the puja altar was beautifully appointed. The puja followed the program available at this link

By starting the year with this puja we hoped to set a warm and inviting tone and a reminder that together in community we can overcome the obstacles that life presents. 

Ganesha is understood as the Remover of Obstacles and He who cares for the welfare of us all. He is wise and his divine inspiration helps us understand both what our obstacles are and the means to solve them. Also that we can help others to problem solve as well. 

Here is a link to the puja video. When you are feeling in need of Ganesha’s inspiration or comfort, watching this video may offer some solace. We can all use a reminder that the Divine is with us at all times, urging us forward together.

vakratuḍa mahaakaaya

soorya koṭi samaprabha

nirvighnam kuru me deva

sarva kaaryehu sarvadaa

O Lord with a curved trunk, a mighty body, and luster of a million suns, please make all of my endeavors free from obstacles at all times.

Om Shanti,