Dr. Asha Shipman

Dr. Asha Shipman
Director of Hindu Life

Asha Shipman has a BA in Biology and English from Mount Holyoke College as well as an MS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Connecticut. Her dissertation fieldwork examined marriage norms in Bangalore, India and found some significant differences in expectations among unmarried workers at American companies versus their counterparts in non-globalized occupations. Asha’s research interests include religiosity among Asian Indians in the US, human mate selection and medical anthropology. She is an experienced educator, having taught for almost 20 years at the high school, college and university levels. Asha grew up among Connecticut’s Hindu community and her parents were co-founders of the Connecticut Valley Hindu Temple Society. She has spent most of her life witnessing and participating in the development of the Society, most notably serving as an official photographer during the consecration festivities for the main Temple deities and as an appointed member of the Temple’s Executive Committee. Her foremost contribution to the Temple Society was co-founding the Hindu Sunday School for children grades K–12.  She is an avid archer, scrabble player and practitioner of “kitchen table science” which she enjoys with her two young sons.