Welcome to the Hindu Prayer Room. This room provides a beautiful space where Hindu students perform worship services (poojas) as well as meet for text stu

Statue of Maha Saraswati

Pooja (alt. puja) is a Sanskrit term meaning worship or worship service. Poojas are performed in homes, Hindu temples, and at Yale, in our beautiful Hindu

Diwali (also known as Deepavali) is the Hindu Festival of Light. Diwali is associated with many mythological tales and family traditions. Typically occurring in late Octobe

students holding buckets of Holi powder 2015

Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrating the advent of a new growing season and the strength of bhakti (devotion). But it also has an element of pure, unadulterated fun

A Homa (aka Havan) is a form of worship originating from the Vedic period in India. This service is undertaken to gain blessings and boons from the gods and goddesses. The

Holi 2014 spreading powder

Missing the spicy flavors of home? Searching for a way to connect with your spiritual traditions? Needing someone to talk with who understands your cultural grounding? We a

Yale Diwali Pooja 2015 aarati

The Yale University Chaplain’s Office offers Hindu Graduate and Professional students and post-docs a warm welcome to Yale University!

In the midst of your thesis

Members of the Yale community - undergraduates, graduate and professional students and post-docs - gathered together in Breathing Space on September 7th to make clay statue