What is Navaratri

Nine Goddesses of Navaratri

What is Navaratri?

Navaratri is a festival dedicated to the Divine Feminine, most often associated with Durga Ma and Goddess Parvati. This festival lasts for nine days and nights, during which various forms of the Devi are worshipped. Navaratri celebrates Her various incarnations and victories over terrible demons. One such sacred triumph was a battle against the powerful demon Mahishasura, who could not be killed by any man or God. On the 10th day Durga Ma was victorious. It is believed that Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, was advised to worship the Goddess to ensure victory over his enemy Ravana. During each of the nine days of this battle Rama worshipped a distinct form of the Goddess. He finally achieved victory on the day after Navaratri, known as Vijaya Dashami/Dusshera/Dasara. In Nepal a version of this festival to the Goddess is called Dashain and lasts 15 days with the 10th day called Vijaya or Bijaya Dashami.    

Each day of Navratri has an associated color which devotees are encouraged to wear. In 2022 the colors are:

September 26: white

September 27: red

September 28: royal blue

September 29: yellow

September 30: green

October 1: grey

October 2: orange

October 3: peacock green

October 4: pink

Ritual observances and even the names of the goddess vary by region and sampradaya. For more information about the festival and how it is celebrated please follow this link: https://www.drikpanchang.com/navratri/navratri-date.html?year=2022