March 19 2020 update

Ganga descending into Shiva's hair
March 19, 2020

Namaste Friends,


Given that Yale has switched to online classes, and sent non-essential staff to work from home until the end of exams in May we will be suspending all of the planned activities for the semester. I am considering ways to post a Ramanavami puja onto my website and offering some helpful activities to get through this unusual time. It isn’t unprecedented - past generations have suffered through worse - but it is new to many of us. So keep an eye out for content. I do have some thoughts to share right now: 

With all of the messages about COVID-19 filling our email inboxes I want to offer a little reminder that some of our traditional practices and philosophies are relevant at this time. I’ll pick two in particular to highlight.


1. Water.

How often have you heard the guidance to drink water? Advice varies on how much but given that we are made up of mostly water we need to replenish ourselves regularly. During times of distress or when we need to keep our immune system at peak performance the advice to stay hydrated is even more critical. In fact, Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases suggest sipping water every 15 minutes so that if the virus is in your mouth it will be washed into your stomach where the acids will destroy it.


Also in the news, but really not new, is the admonishment to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds.


As evidence of the wisdom of ancient sages, a passage from the Rig Veda speaks of the healing power of water:


Amrita is in the waters; In the

Waters there is healing balm: be swift,

Ye gods, to give them praise,

Within the waters – the waters hold all medicines.


(Rig Veda 1.23.19-20)

2. Greetings.

Our ancestors also wisely developed a graceful greeting of palms folded together at the heart, recognizing our divinely bestowed bond. In a need to maintain social distancing it seems our open-hearted gesture is being prescribed around the worldUse it with pride.

I send prayers for health and safety to you all. Please reach out; I am available via email, video conference and phone if you would like to talk about anything on your mind. Just email me and we can set up an appointment.

With love and light,