April 18, 2020

jogger on laptop
April 18, 2020

Namaste Friends,

Last week we discussed ways to connect while sheltering in place. Here are some resources you may want to try:

Digital Dine-In Sponsored by A Shared Table and En Conjunto, 8-10 people sign up to virtually share a meal together and discuss a pre-determined topic led by 2 hosts. Next week my friend Preeta Banerjee will co-host a dinner on April 22nd at 7 PM themed Reflecting on our Life’s Journey.  What will you bring to the virtual table?

You and your friends can do this yourselves! Set up a virtual Sheltering In Place W(h)ine and Cheese party. Alcohol not required but jokes and silly stories are. Being sheltered in place is NO FUN but it is still possible to swap jokes and stories.  

Have Netflix? Host a Netflix party.

Want to visit the Zoo or some national landmarks with your younger sib, nephew or niece? Check out these resources then send them a Zoom invitation for a fun field trip with you!

Whatever you do, try to remember - this too shall pass! It’s important to keep connected, nourish the heart and soul as we go forward.

With love and light,