Interfaith Dialogue as informed by the Nyāya Śāstras

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Thursday, February 18, 2021 - 1:00pm
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Speakers: Dr. Brahmachari Sharan, Director of Dharmic Life at Georgetown University and Dr. Preeta Banerjee, Hindu Advisor at Tufts University.

Join us for an interactive session on the topic of Interfaith dialogue, where we will be releasing “Dharmic Guidelines for Interfaith Dialogue.” This document contextualizes protocols for engaging in interfaith dialogue on the basis of the Nyāya Śāstras (the science of logic). We hope that by decolonizing the premise of interfaith engagement, we will be able to equitably uplift voices that are traditionally marginalized. 

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This webinar is co-sponsored with the North American Hindu Chaplains Association.

This work is supported by the (IFYC) Interfaith Youth Core through the Racial Equity & Interfaith Cooperation Award that is a part of the We Are Each Other’s Campaign.