Contemporary Social Justice and Ancient Scriptures: Encouraging Curiosity Towards a Deeper Connection

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Friday, December 18, 2020 - 12:00pm
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As we encounter Hindu scriptures thousands of years old and apply them to our spiritually aligned activism today, how can we entertain different perspectives and various interpretations to find the underlying and timeless lessons?  Can we move towards deep meaning and personal significance when we read the tales of our Gods and Goddesses? Can we encourage curiosity and can that process help us reclaim our spiritual, philosophical and psychological traditions?

Guest speakers: Dr. Preeta Banerjee, Hindu Advisor at Tufts University and Mr. Tahil Sharma, HSO Director at USC and Regional Coordinator for North America for the United Religions Initiative

This event is co-sponsored with the North American Hindu Chaplains Association and is free for the Yale community.

Please join us! The registration link can be accessed here