Undergraduate Students

Missing the spicy flavors of home? Searching for a way to connect with your spiritual traditions? Needing someone to talk with who understands your cultural grounding? We are here for you!  


Dr. Asha Shipman serves as the Director of Hindu Life for Yale University. Her office is in Breathing Space in the basement of Welch Hall, entryway C, next to the meditation room. Appointed by the University Chaplain, she serves as a resource for Hindu students and those interested in learning about Hinduism and Indian culture. Dr. Shipman mentors the Yale Hindu Students Council, an undergraduate student group which brings spiritual and cultural programs to campus. These programs are all free and many are open to the New Haven community. We aspire to offer Hindu students a home away from home – a gathering place for spiritual inquiry and camaraderie usually best served with curry, samosas and chai on the side.

* Join Asha in Breathing Space for Casual Conversations. Chai is on tap!

* Attend pujas and special celebrations of Hindu festivals in our very own Hindu Prayer room.

* Stop by the Chaplain’s Office for our Chat, Chaat and Chai Study Breaks

* Celebrate Diwali and Holi in style

* Explore our many Sacred Spaces on campus

* Connect with weekly events offered by the Chaplain’s Office through the Chaplain’s Office Telegram.

* Check out our upcoming events

Drop by Breathing Space to say hello, sit by our beautiful indoor waterfall, and enjoy a steaming cup of chai.


  • Holi 2014 
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  • Holi 2013 
  • Holi 2013 
  • Holi 2013 
  • Diwali Pooja 2015 worship service 
  • Diwali Pooja aarti 
  • Diwali Pooja 2015 sparklers HSC Board 
  • Diwali Pooja 2015 sparklers 
  • Navratri Homa to Durga 2014 
  • Navratri Homa 2014 
  • Navratri Homa 2014 HSC Board and Dr. Asha Shipman 
  • Chat, Chaat and Chai Chaplain's office study break